Spectrum Auction Calendar: April 2021 Update

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Spectrum Auction Calendar: April 2021 Update

This is an updated report from GSA on the current status of spectrum auctions and assignments around the world. It has been updated since March 2020 to reflect the changing industry developments on spectrum release activities.
GSA has a large and active Spectrum Group which is active in all regions and is aligned along ITU lines. The Spectrum Group is authoring reports on different spectrum areas from low- mid- and high-band frequencies.

The auction calendar includes all forthcoming auctions/assignments known to GSA. Auctions/assignments are only included when a definite decision to assign the spectrum has been announced. (Spectrum under consideration or consultation for assignment is not included).

Auctions/assignments are removed from the calendar once the assignment process has been completed.

Note that ongoing processes with no formal end date (e.g. for the administrative award of local or private or shared licences available on simple application) are included in advance of the opening of the application process, but are removed once the application process has been opened.

Please email research@gsacom.com for any updates to this auction calendar.

Spectrum Auction Calendar: April 2021 Update






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Spectrum Auction Calendar: April 2021 Update

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