NTS Snapshot November 2021 – Status Update

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NTS Snapshot November 2021 – Status Update

LTE and 5G Market Statistics

Network Types

797 operators with launched public LTE Networks, worldwide

As of end October 2021 GSA’s data showed:

• There are 797 operators with commercially launched public LTE networks offering broadband fixed wireless access and or mobile services.

Within this, GSA has identified:

• 429 operators that have launched public LTE fixed wireless access services (excludes those offering MiFi/dongle services only).

• 734 operators that offer public mobile LTE services.

• 166 operators operators have been identified as actively using (either deploying or have launched) TDD spectrum for LTE services#.

• 603 operators have been identified as actively using (either deploying or have launched) FDD spectrum for LTE services#.

• 216 operators are investing in one or more LTE-Advanced technologies, with 336 networks identified as launched.

# spectrum data not available for all operators

NTS Snapshot November 2021 – Status Update






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NTS Snapshot: November 2021 - Status Update

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GAMBoD Database

GAMBoD, the GSA Analyser for Mobile Broadband Data is a unique search and analysis tool we developed to provide the industry with up to date information on the growth and expansion of the mobile broadband ecosystem of devices and networks. The GSA research team constantly updates GAMBoD with new 4G and 5G devices and shows progress of 3GPP technology adoption and spectrum usage by mobile operators. The data can be searched and filtered to give technology, device and regional analysis that can be used in your reports or presentations.

Results are presented as a list or in charts that can be downloaded. An RSS feed can be subscribed to for alerts as new devices are added to the database. Charts may be inserted into documents or presentations, subject to accreditation of GSA as the source.

Actual mobile network performance (Downlink & Uplink Speed and latency) is displayed by Operator (coming Q4 2019) based on a partnership with OpenSignal.

GSA Reports

We produce around 240 unique industry reports, white-papers, presentations, charts and industry snapshots each year, of which the vast majority are free to download by registered web site users.

Our flagship deliverables are the Evolution of LTE to 5G report, published and updated quarterly and the 5G Ecosystem report that tracks and reports on 5G devices.

Our reports, statistics and information are researched and verified by the GSA research and material is referenced widely by an increasing range of companies from a growing number of industries as mobile technologies permeate deeper into corporate, businesses,  everyday life and into different devices and ecosystems.

If you are a devices manufacturer or mobile operator and wish to provide updated information to be included in our reports or added to GAMBoD please email research@gsacom.com