NR-U Transforming 5G – Qualcomm Presentation


NR-U Transforming 5G – Qualcomm Presentation.

Deliveringon the 5G vision

Where virtually everyone and everything is intelligently connected.

Extend 5G with unlicensed spectrum  Using all spectrum types and bands

Licensed spectrum

Exclusive use

Over 40 bands globally for LTE, remains the industry’s top priority

Shared spectrum

New shared spectrum paradigms

Ex: 3.5 GHz USA, 3.7 GHz Germany

•Unlock more spectrum globally

•New markets and verticals

•New deployment scenarios

Unlicensed spectrum

Shared use

Ex: 5 GHz / 6 GHz / 60 GHz global

6 GHz brings new unlicensed bandwidth for Wi-Fi and 5G 1200 MHz of Spectrum A massive amount of new unlicensed spectrum is now available in the U.S. for Wi-Fi 6E and 5G First global cellular standard with both license-assisted and standalone use of unlicensed spectrum.

Rel-16 introduces NR in unlicensed spectrum – Unlicensed spectrum is combined with other licensed or shared spectrum as anchor Only unlicensed spectrum is used in SA. Anchored NR-U to boost mobile network performance. Manages congestion and mobility Delivers a consistent 5G experience

Standalone NR-U Makes 5G private networks easy to deploy.

  • Fair coexistence with Wi-Fi and LTE-LAA
  • Simple network deployment with virtualized RAN and cloud core
  • From private networks initially to neutral hosts and mobility offload
  • Deploy networks and scale freely across markets with unlicensed spectrum

5G  private networks in NR-U brings benefits to industrial IoT.

Dedicated local network, dedicated resources, independently managed

Secure Cellular grade security, sensitive data stays on-premise.

Optimized Tailored performance for local applications, e.g., low latency, QoS

Coverage, capacity, and, mobility Outdoor/indoor, high data speeds, seamless handovers, public network fallback

Reliability and precise timing Industrial grade reliability, latency and synchronization (eURLLC3and TSN4)

Interoperability Global standard, vast ecosystem, future proof with rich 5G roadmap

NR-U supports URLLC with synchronized sharing in controlled environments.

Today, unlicensed spectrumoffers unpredictable QoS

In controlled environments, QoS becomes more predictable

Synchronized sharing enables CoMPand more predictable QoS

1. Listen before talk (LBT) with load based equipment rule (LBE), such as CSMA/CA (Carrier Sense Multiple Access/Collision Avoidance);  2. Frame Based Equipment

Regular LBT1using random access results in unpredictable Quality of Service (QoS), e.g., latencies

No interference from other networks, but still random access within the private network

Today’s regulation includes FBE2, which supports predictable QoS and CoMP—a key technology for URLLC

NR-U Transforming 5G

NR-U Transforming 5G