IoT Security: Securing the Connected Future


GSA is cooperating with GSMA on IoT initiatives in their Connected Living program and also supporting the evolution to Narrow Band IoT programs along with other 3GPP IoT technologies.

GSA recently published a short blog on IoT security and below are links to GSMA IoT security information that should be of interest to GSA registered users.


The global cost of cyber security in 2015 was estimated to have reached $400 billion, and is forecast to reach $2 trillion by 2019. The increase in cyber threats has led the IoT to a critical juncture, and its future now depends on delivering secure services across the ecosystem. This is reflected in vast amounts of data that illustrate the growth of the IoT security market and companies’ need for security expertise. The Connected Living infographic provides all you need to know on the current state of IoT security.


To ensure the successful market growth of a secure IoT, the GSMA Connected Living Programme together with the mobile telecommunications industry published a set of IoT Security Guidelines, which promote the secure design, development and deployment of IoT services, and are applicable to a wide range of industry sectors. The guidelines cover the whole ecosystem end-to-end and provide a step by step process to securely launch IoT solutions to market and keep them secure through their lifecycles.


A recently published blog on security evaluations further explains why traditional evaluation methods may not be fully applicable to IoT solutions. The blog outlines the unique security challenges of the IoT, how these can be addressed and why light-touch benchmarking tools and general approaches are better suited to accommodate the complexity of the IoT ecosystem.


The recently launched GSMA IoT Security Self-Assessment constitutes a new approach to security evaluations and enables companies to discover if their security measures align with the best practice outlined in the GSMA IoT Security Guidelines. Companies can use the scheme to address weaknesses in their products and services, and demonstrate the security measures they have taken to protect their solutions from cyber security threats.

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