Intelligently connecting our world in the 5G era


Intelligently connecting our world in the 5G era – Qualcomm Presentation May 2020

Tidal waves of IoT expansion will touch virtually all aspects of our lives. Over 43 billion connected devices by 2023

Intelligent Wireless Edge is essential for the IoT expansion

Efficiently expanding the IoT requires a new distributed intelligence paradigm


Cloud-centric intelligence IoT services depends on the central cloud to extract value


Distributed intelligence

Based on economic and performance tradeoffs for IoT use cases

Enriched user experiences, new use case, new verticals

Delivering on the 5G vision

Where virtually everyone and everything is intelligently connected

5G will expand the mobile ecosystem to new industries

$13.2Trillion in global economic value by 2035

5G is rapidly evolving to meet diverse IoT requirements

A unified innovation platform for this decade and beyond

5G is the common connectivity platform for the IoT

Broad set of devices and services

For all spectrum bands1 and types2

Public and private networks

Intelligently connecting our world

Intelligently connecting our world

Intelligently connecting our world

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