5G NR based sidelink expands C-V2X – Qualcomm May 2020


5G NR based sidelink expands C-V2X

The presentation was part of a WebEx given by Qualcomm in March 2020.

  • Rel 14/15 C-V2X momentum
  • How does NR C-V2X bring advanced use cases?
  • NR C-V2X demos and over-the-air simulations


Rel 14/15 C-V2X established basic safety

Rel 16 NR C-V2X saw continued evolution for advanced use cases

Release 14/15 C-V2X standardscompleted

Broad industry support with 5GAA

Global trials started in 2017; first commercial deployment expected in 2020

Qualcomm®9150 C-V2X chipset announced in September, 2017

Integration of C-V2X into the Qualcomm®Snapdragon™Automotive 4G and 5G Platforms announced in February, 2019

5GAA Automotive Association

  • •8 of the top 9 global automakers
  • Top automotive Tier 1 supplier
  • •9 of the top 10 global telecommunications companies
  • Top 3 global smartphone manufacturers
  • Top global semiconductor companies
  • Top 5 global wireless infrastructure companies
  • Top global test and measurement companies and certification entities
  • Global representation from Europe, China, US, Japan, Korea, and elsewhere

Standardizing messages for new use cases (e.g., sensor data sharing among vehicles)

Allowing vehicles from different automakers to benefit from new use cases

Defining application layer-specific minimum requirements for new messages

NR C-V2X builds on LTE C-V2X with advanced use cases

NR C-V2X supports adaptive 2-, 3-, 4-symbol DMRS for high-speed performance

NR C-V2X introduces complementary capabilities for advanced use cases

Variable reference signal design density

Strategic placement of reference symbols

NR C-V2X enhancements

Spectral efficiency:up to 2x for broadcast

Scalable OFDM and flexible DMRS provide higher spectral efficiency, which reduces bandwidth usage and allow for more capacity

Lower latency: Tx latency as low as 1.5 ms

Due to shorter slots and resources allocation enhancements

Higher capacity: 2x for per packet scheduling

Achieved through link-level gain, HARQ feedback,  and resource allocation enhancements

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5G NR based sidelink expands C-V2X