5G Market Snapshot – Member Report – November 2021

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5G Market Snapshot – Member Report – November 2021

By end October 2021, GSA had identified 469 operators in 140 countries/territories were investing in 5G, including trials, acquisition of licences, planning, network deployment and launches. (This number excludes nearly 200 additional companies awarded spectrum in the US CBRS PAL auction, which could potentially be used for 5G).

Of those, a total of 182 operators in 73 countries/territories had launched one or more 3GPP-compliant 5G services

173 operators in 69 countries/territories had launched 5G mobile services

65 operators in 36 countries/territories had launched 3GPP-compliant 5G FWA services (36% of those with launched 5G services)

Five operators had announced soft launches of their 5G networks that are not counted in the above launch figures.

97 operators are identified as investing in 5G standalone (including those evaluating/testing, piloting, planning, deploying as well as those that have launched 5G SA networks). GSA has catalogued 20 operators as having deployed/launched 5G standalone in public networks

5G Market Snapshot – Member Report – November 2021


GSA has updated the user interface to is industry databases to make it simpler to filter and search for devices, networks, technologies and spectrum assignments.

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5G Market Snapshot - Member Report - November 2021

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