4G-5G FWA IoDT – White Paper


4G-5G FWA IoDT – White Paper – a key activity for optimised end user experience.


4G/5G FWA is already one of the main choices for service providers to propose home broadband services today. According to the latest statistics from GSA published in June 2021, there are 436 service providers worldwide offering 4G or 5G FWA services in 171 countries / territories. However FWA will not stop there, and significant grow this expected in the next couple of years.

Hence, the 4G/5G FWA device market is developing fast with shipments growing annually by approximately 15%~20%. In that context, the Interoperability Device Tests (IoDT) between terminals and 4G/5G networks become increasingly important. How to achieve excellent network performance through IoDT is a challenge shared by both terminal and network equipment vendors.

5G’s large bandwidth and Massive MIMO technologies provide ultra-fast and ultra-large capacity cells for FWA users. This allows FWA user experience similar to the one of fiber home broadband users. To ensure this best-of-breed experience is delivered, it is recommended that FWA device vendors and network infrastructure vendors jointly perform IoDT test before devices are introduced in the market in order to ensure optimal experience for 4G/5G FWA users.

Some industry-leading CPE vendors already actively participated in 5G FWA IoDT test and certification activities. These tests allowed them to achieve excellent performance in service providers’ commercial networks and naturally became highly recognized by service providers. More 5G FWA device vendors are welcome to participate in 5G FWA IoDT test and certification. This contributes in accelerating service providers’ strategies positioning 5G FWA as a natural component of their home broadband connectivity services by leveraging a more diversified FWA device ecosystem with better performance. Given 5G’s faster pace of adoption and the variety of 5G configurations, the industry needs to accelerate on the IoDT 5G FWA domain.

4G-5G FWA IoDT – White Paper

4G-5G FWA IoDT - White Paper






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